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My Services

I offer lots of different options so you can pick the pathway that best suits you and what you would like to achieve


One Off Sessions


These are exactly what they say on the tin, one off sessions. These are great for someone who wants a form check, wants to learn a new skill or if you're thinking of booking with me but don't want to commit to a package without having a go first.


2 Sessions a Week

£50 Per Week

2 sessions per week gives you a reduced rate but also means we get regular time together. I learn about you, your strengths and weaknesses then, plan around making you better.

Measuring Waist

Weight Loss Guidance

£40 Per Month

The weight loss guidance includes 24 hour diet support via WhatsApp. You send me pictures of everything you eat or drink and we work together to learn how to make better choices. I don't do meal plans and don't start with calorie counting. I work with you to forge healthy habits first, drop me a message for more information.


Tae kwon Do Membership

£40 Per Month

My classes are held in Saracens head village hall on a Monday and Thursday night from 1900-2000
You can add weekly private lessons on top whenever you feel like it. Please note the first payment is £60 to allow for UKITF Membership, a uniform and a sylabus

Crossfit Wheels


£80 Per Month

Programmes are designed for those who want to get stronger and fitter. They require testing, then accurate movement prescription to get results. They are ever changing and mould around you and your ability. Because of the complex nature of programmes I only offer them to people I see regularly and release them to you one block at a time. It will be your programme based on you and your goals.

Barbell with Weights

Foundations Session


This session is approximately 2 hours long and is designed to be a step up from an induction and a step down from PT. It aims to give you the knowledge to warm up, plan a safe and effective session then cool down. Disclaimer - It won't make you a PT or mean you can write progressive programmes. It will however stop you looking like a deer in the headlights when you step onto the gym floor. 

This session can be delivered to two people for an additional fee of £10

Fitness Class

Group Fitness Session

2 People - £25
Up to 8 People - £35

This is a fitness session delivered to up to 8 people. The sessions are tailored to what you and your workout partners want. It can be a high intensity session or a learning session, it's completely up to you!


Online ITF Tae Kwon Do Training

£80 Per Month

Combining 20 years of Tae Kwon Do experience with modern, science based training methods. You are provided with 2 strength and conditioning sessions per week, one patterns based session and one sparring based session. You will have contact with me via WatsApp meaning you can send videos of your training for feedback quickly and easily.

These sessions can be delivered to complete beginners all the way through to experienced athletes up to third degree black belt. Anyone wishing to grade will need to attend in person sessions, this is discussed further on application. 

Price List: Classes
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